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I Guarantee You the Galaxy Nexus Won’t Be Released on the 15th

December 13th, 2011 5:56pm Leave a comment

Latest rumors on the internets say this phone is going to be released on the 15h. I PROMISE you that won’t happen. It won’t even be out in 2011. Mark my words.

Congratulations, Verizon Wireless dickheads! I hope you enjoyed the most botched phone release in the history of mankind. This is taken straight from the page of how to NOT release a smartphone.

This fucking thing was supposed to be out before Black Friday. Then there were about 80 different rumors about other release dates, all of which have come and gone. PR stayed silent and rumors were going crazy. Then the phone gets shipped out to the Samsung Experience in NYC, and was forced to be removed. After that, it’s shipped to Best Buy and Radio Shack, but it’s ordered to be locked up.


Here’s an idea. Release a phone before Black Friday and push it throughout the holidays. Sales on this thing are going to SUCK because you don’t release something 10 days before Christmas.

So what’s the holdup? They were probably holding this phone back due to the following

  • Promoting shittier phones instead (Droid Razr). Why? It’s Droid branded and that’s Verizon’s baby. They put all their shitware on it.
  • LTE outage – 4G was out for a bit
  • Fighting with Google over Google Wallet – Verizon is like fuck off and we don’t want this shit on here because we want to develop our own inferior version of it. I respect Google for being more like Apple and being like “no bitches, this is a Google phone, stop fucking with it.”
  • I guarantee you Verizon will never EVER release another pure Google phone again.  Too much hassle. Why do that when they can just roll out inferior Droid branded Motorolas. They want the utmost control over everything. Only Apple can tell Big Red what to do. Everyone else – they don’t care about.

Overall, it only hurts consumers. So fuck all these big businesses.

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