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Study Says Android Users Constantly Bring Their Phones to the Shitter

January 30th, 2012 10:25pm Leave a comment

Mashable – A report by marketing agency 11mark found that three in four people are texting, emailing and even talking on the phone while in the bathroom. In fact, about 25% of Americans said they always bring their phone into the restroom. However, the survey — conducted among 1,000 Americans — revealed that Android users are slightly more likely to use their phones in the bathroom compared to other device owners. About 87% of Android users have used their phone while going to the bathroom compared with 84% of BlackBerry users and 77% of iPhone users.

I mean… It’s better than bringing your laptop to the shitter

I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not like you’re going to wipe your ass on your phone. As long as you follow the golden rules, you’re good:

  1. Start shit
  2. Use phone (not for calls, asshole)
  3. Put phone away in a pocket
  4. Wipe ass
  5. Flush toilet
  6. Wash hands
  7. Leave shitter
Phone is unaffected. Very simple. Now if you’re like wiping your ass in one hand while playing Words with Friends in another, that’s just grimy. I don’t see how only Android people have this mentality.

PS – guaranteed that 25 Apple fanboys will call me nasty.

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