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Apple Tries to Block Android 4.0 in the US; Two Months Late

February 13th, 2012 10:07pm Leave a comment

Mashable – Apple just sued Samsung in a California court over alleged patent infringement. The offending product, according to Apple: the Galaxy Nexus, the world’s first phone to run Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich.” If successful in its lawsuit, Apple could block the phone from being sold in the U.S., Reuters reports.

Little too late there Apple. See, the phone has actually been out for months already. But if you want to block future sales of it, go for it. I have mine already. They really Samsung they infringed Siri? Fuck off. Siri is a bunch of bullshit. It’s all eye candy and for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Android had voice recognition for years, they just didn’t call it anything. Siri is like 4 months old. Nonsense.

Fuck software patents and Fuck Apple. They are hindering creativity. Instead of people just making what they think is the best phone, you have to be careful to not infringe anyone’s patents. Which means your device will probably suck. Fuck it. If you’re smart enough to come up with similar technology, go for it. Fucking idiotic United States…

PS – POORLY written article. They are suing Samsung, not Google. So how is that “trying to block Ice Cream Sandwich” when that’s Google’s thing.

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