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Flawless Logic, Revisited

March 24th, 2012 2:05am Leave a comment

So I was chillin with some peeps tonight and I brought up my flawless logic and it caused a massive yelling debate, which was awesome and a half.  If you are not familiar with my flawless logic, read it here, because it’s the absolute shit. Do not read on until you are familiar with my logic…

Anyway… For demo purposes, I will be explaining this from a heterosexual male point of view. So pretty much, say you get the opportunity to hook up with some chick who has a boyfriend and do it. IS this wrong? Surely not! I say you are 99% in the clear and its not your fault. So I mention this to the people I was chilling with and OBVIOUSLY all the women BLEW UP on me, disagreed and were like…. “Bull.Shit. Obviously it’s your fault – if you know someone is in a  relationship, you should respect that.” And they started giving me all this shit. Okay – I can understand if they’re in a relationship with one of your good friends and shit – then I agree – it’s off limits and if you hoo kup with you’re boy’s girl, you’re a fuckign dirtbag. But if it’s some rando dude you don’t give a fuck aboyt, that shit does NOT count. Come on! She’s throwing herself at you. She wants it. You want it. If she was faithful, she wouldn’t cheat. There’s no other logic necessary. These women are all like… Well, it’s like 60% her fault and 30% the guys fault… NO. Way… Like 98% the girls fault for being a skank ass. They were giving me all this shit about karma and shit. I am an avid believer in karma (“if you do that your next GF will cheat on you), but karma does NOT apply to this situation. No way. If I pick a girl who cheats on me, obviously I had some shitty taste – I should pick girls who don’t cheat.

Don’t even try to argue with this shit. It’s not even possible. This is like scientifically proven.


PS – I’m going to ask the gays tomorrow and get their opinion. They’re never wrong.


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