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UI Idiots at Google Love Ugly Assed Whitespace

April 28th, 2012 3:03am No comments

If you haven’t noticed, Google ruined their search results. Someone over there missed the memo, but Google because obsessed with gigantic blocks of uncentered whitepspace. it looks like absolute fucking shit.  It’s one thing to ruin google+ because no one uses that crap. But now whenever I search for things I have a midget left sidebar of text and a gigantic shitty assed white block. I’m not saying clutter it, but make use of CSS MEDIA TYPES. Fit your shit to different monitors. If you have a high res display 1920×1080 or something, look what this shit looks like:

Even Michelle wouldn't agree with this shit.

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If You Use a Dog Ball Thrower, You’re a Pussy

April 27th, 2012 12:53am No comments

 I was biking last week and saw some gross woman with this thing along the bike trail throwing a ball to her dog. Who the fuck would buy this piece of shit for like $10? Wah I can’t throw a ball myself – I need a stick to help me. Wah, the ball has slobber on it, I can’t get my rich hands dirty. Man the fuck up and stop being a little bitch. So there’s some doggy slobber on your hand for a bit. Frickin wipe it on your jeans or some shit, then wash your hands later.

Slut’s probably done nastier shit with those hands than to worried about a little dog saliva.

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Bring Me This Inflatable Water Mat!

April 14th, 2012 11:19pm No comments

Giz– Most inflatable water toys are about as stable as a prolonged game of Jenga. But thanks to witchcraft, voodoo, or possibly even science and intelligent engineering, this inflatable mat can support up to six people without sinking or flipping.  In fact, with 90 square feet of surface area it can support up to 1,000 pounds, so it’s strong enough to let you run, jump, and even do cartwheels on it. Everything you’ve always been encouraged to do when near the water. Inside, the two-inch thick mat is supported by thin PVC piping and an air bladder that can be inflated in about five minutes. It can also be easily collapsed and carried in a shoulder bag, because at $1,000 you’re not going to want to leave this inflatable toy just lying around.

I am amused by this thing. Not sure why. I mean, I’d love to just get a bunch of chicks like the ones in the pic and do absolutely ridiculous things with them on this thing.

Remove all those dudes and find me those smokes!

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