Month: August 2012

The 4/5 Lexington Avenue Line Runs Like Dick

Portfolioso August 21, 2012 No Comments Rants

The 4 and the 5 trains are possibly the shittiest trains in the world. These fucking trains break down every 5 minutes. I am sick of getting email spammed of alerts because basically, yous hould just assume this line is broken down and delayed. What kind of piece of shit signals and mechanical failures exist that this happens like every day 10 times a day.

Look at this shit. Fucking MTA


Nice Haircut, Dickhead

Portfolioso August 13, 2012 No Comments Rants

Nice mushroom dicked haircut, asshole. You look like shit. Miley is an example of pure trash. She was hot when she was like 16 and then she went all trashy and hick.

The Fahrenheit Scale Is Dumb as Shit

Portfolioso August 5, 2012 No Comments Science

How To Geek – [In the 1720s, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit] was ironing out zero point for his temperature scale. The coldest temperature that Fahrenheit could produce in his laboratory was the result of mixing ice, water, and ammonia chloride to make a frigid slurry. This measurement became the zero-point for the scale.

You know what makes a lot more sense? Having a temperature scale based on states of water, the universal solvent – 0 being freezing and 100 being boiling. Oh wait,we have one of those. It’s called Celsius, and the entire world uses it except the United States and two other insignificant countries. Probably because Americans are dumb as fuck and too closed minded to change anything or re-learn new temperature scales.

Seriously? We’re using a scale that is calibrated to 0 based on it being the coldest temperature some joker could get in a lab by mixing ammonia chloride and water in the 1720s? Who gives a shit about ammonia chloride?

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