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I’ll Kick the Yankees in the Ass

September 2nd, 2012 5:25pm Leave a comment

The Yankees are the shittiest-assed first place team I’ve ever seen. How do you collapse a 10 game lead to 2 games? You know what the problem is with this AAA team? You have Joe Girardi out there slapping motherfuckers high fives when they fuck up. Like Derek Lowe. The fuckin shitty Indians traded his ass because he was a mediocre, useless shitpile. And he comes over here, walks a fucking guy, gives up a base hit, two runs and then gets pulled without getting one out. And what does Girardi do? Fucking gives him a high five. Don’t slap them a high five. Fucking lose it on him, Wally Backman style. Asshole. Too lax with these shitheads. They need to be made an example out of.  Steinbrenner is spinning in his grave right now.


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