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If Your Email Gets Hacked By a Virus, You’re a Dumb Bitch

January 24th, 2013 12:55am Leave a comment


You know what really pisses me off? Fucking getting an email from some random person I haven’t spoken to in years with a virus-y spam link to some hacked WordPress install. First off, if you run a WordPress site, secure your shit you dumb bastards. Don’t get hacked. Secondly, please explain to me how the hell you even get a virus these days. Did you actually like go to the link and run some shit? Did you not use Chrome (it’s sandboxed, cunts – you legit have to fucking try to get a virus from that shit and Google gives you $50,000 if you prove you can hack it).

  1. If you get this virus, you’re a moron who should be banned from the intertubes
  2. Change your Gmail/Yahoo password asshole
  3. Scan your fucking computer for viruses and shit
  4. Get hepatitis

PS – These fucking SQL scripts are running for hours. Bastards.

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