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Moto X: No Jawbone Up Support? No Problem (Workaround)

September 30th, 2013 1:36am 2 comments

8696-heroWhen I got my Moto X, I was fully disappointed to learn that when I plugged my Jawbone UP wristband into it, it would not even recognize the device. How could this be possible? It’s Motorola’s flagship new phone, which should be able to handle anything modern.  Even my old Galaxy Nexus supported the Jawbone Up. So what is the deal?

First,  let me explain how 3.5mm headsets work. For devices to transfer data through a headphone jack (Square reader, Jawbone Up, etc), they use line in support on a 3.5mm headphone jack and send analog waves to the phone. This makes sense as a microphone, but to send data, software must read this analog signal. To cut costs, some manufacturers just have 3.5mm output ports that do not support line in (for example, the first generation Nexus 7). To quote Wikipedia, “Three- or four-conductor (TRS or TRRS) 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm sockets are common on cell phones, providing mono (three conductor) or stereo (four conductor) sound and a microphone input, together with signaling (e.g., push a button to answer a call).”

According to Motorola, “At this time, devices that have a microphone input but no microphone output (Square Card Reader, Jawbone UP) are not currently supported.”  This was an oversight by Motorola and they should be ashamed of themselves, because it’s 100% a software problem. The device hardware fully supports line in devices. Want proof? Find an iPhone 5 friend with a pair of Apple EarPods and plug them into your Moto X.  If you’re not familiar, Apple’s EarPods also function as a mic and can be used to make voice calls and increase or decrease the phone volume. When using these on the Moto X, the physical volume buttons on the EarPods don’t work as far as controlling the phone’s volume, but the center button does to pause any music that is playing. Additionally, if you place a call with the EarPods plugged in it will work perfectly as a mic. So once I saw this, I figured there was absolutely no reason the Jawbone UP should not sync. SO I started playing around and found out:


To make the Jawbone UP work on a Moto X (Or any of the new Verizon Droids)

  1. Plug the band into an iPhone, or some other device that has proper line in support (if your laptop/computer has a 3.5mm jack that has a headset logo, it should work)
  2. The sun icon status light on your Jawbone UP band should flash. If it does not flash, you cannot continue – find a device where the band flashes when you plug it in.
  3. On your Moto X, launch the Jawbone UP app
  4. Plug the Up into your Moto X (within 30 seconds of step 2)
  5. The sun icon status light on your Jawbone UP band should flash
  6. You may get some warning about listening at high volume (ignore this) – the Moto X thinks you plugged in a headset.
  7. Click the sync button and it should work.


You’re welcome

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This is an Idiotic Study Regarding Texting and Lying

September 9th, 2013 9:41am No comments

Gizmodo –  Researchers at Brigham Young University found that texts containing a lie took longer to compose and were often shorter than truthful texts.  The researchers found that through exact measurement and modeling they could predict SMS lies more accurately.

This is exactly why China and India are good at math and engineering and shit, and the United States is becoming a second world bunch of idiots. Really? We needed a scientific study about how it takes people longer to lie via text message? NO SHIT.

When you lie, you need to think more so your story is bulletproof. Lying is an art – you have to be creative. It’s my policy not to lie because I have the memory of a fucking goldfish and will get caught up in it every single day of the week and twice on Sundays. For fucks sake, I just paid my credit card bill twice because I didn’t remember paying it THE DAY BEFORE. If you lie, you need to be sharp. Your story can’t have holes in it. You need to come around full circle and make sure it makes sense. This takes more time than if you’re telling the truth.

Also, it’s a stupid fucking assumption that because it takes longer to answer a text, you’re lying. Maybe I don’t like you. Maybe I’m busy….


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Lenovo CEO Shares Bonus With Employees; Big Fucking Deal

September 2nd, 2013 12:21pm No comments

Engadget – After helping Lenovo thrive in the wretched PC industry — while also making it the number oneChinese smartphone maker — CEO Yang Yuanqing earned a sizeable bonus. And like last year, he’s sharing the wealth with front-line employees, giving $3.25 million of his $14.6 million salary to 10,000 workers in 20 countries. Lenovo grabbed a record $34 billion during its last fiscal year, along with an all-time high $653 million in profit. While the sum he shared may be small compared to that, it’s almost a month’s pay for the 85 percent who work in China. And we can’t say we’ve seen too many CEOs stateside willing to part with their personal private jet fuel stash.

Big whoop bro. I mean, it’s really nice of you to share, but if you do the math $ 3,250,000/10,000 employees = $325 per employee.  You can keep it, ya rich bastard!

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A History Lesson To Mr. Barack Hussein Obama

September 2nd, 2013 3:15am No comments


“America, it’s time to start bringing our troops home. It’s time to admit that no amount of American lives can resolve the political disaggreement that lies at the heart of someone else’s civil war.” – Barack Obama, February 10, 2007

Dear Hypocrite (and asshole Congress who will 94% most likely approve military action),

I cannot get over how full of shit you are. How little integrity you have. Listen to yourself above. This is 100% the opposite of what you want to do in Syria. Ask yourself what attacking Syria will accomplish. Because it’s the same bullshit. Can’t you see these Middle Eastern conflicts are of no concern or threat to the United States? They’ve been going on for thousands of years and will continue to go on for thousands of years. Fucking let them kill each other, gas each other, jerk each other off, or do whatever they want to do. How is that a threat to America’s national security? It’s not. Do you understand how much this shit will cost? How many more innocent people will come back with legs blown off or dead. If you fuck with Syria, you’ll have a bunch of their allies mad at us. Idiot.

Learn from fucking history: Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq wars…. Fucking wastes. This will be another long drawn out bullshit that is 100% unnecessary. I’m not even anti-war. If some country attacked us, I’d say wipe them out. I’m just anti “dumb as fuck” war. And unless some country declares war and flies shit over here and parks ships in our ports and starts attacking US citizens, war is never the right answer. Imagine if China was all like “we don’t like your style so we’re gonna shoot missiles at your cities.”  That’s basically what we do to countries. And I don’t blame them for fucking hating our guts.

Eat a bag of dicks,


PS – Someone put Ron Paul on suicide watch.

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