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Rant: Google Keyboard

June 30th, 2014 10:03am No comments

Random pet peeve about the official stock Google Keyboard for Android:

Will you crackers fucking autocorrect “tou” to “you?” This is by far the most annoying fucking thing ever. 100% of the time I go to type “you” (which is frequent), the combination between my fat fucking fingers and the fact that 100% of Android phones have shitty touch sensors (as compared to Apple), I end up typing tou instead. No big deal. I mistype a lot of shit on there. Only thing is, it does a good job with autocorrect. But not tou to you.  Why? Because tou is a dictionary word. What the fuck is a tou? NOTHING. Get the fuck out of my dictionary. Because it’s a dictionary word, I couldn’t even add a custom dictionary/shortcut/autocorrect tou –> you trigger.

Now when I looked up tou, it was some fucker mentioned in the Old Testament. Fore sure I’ll text about this dude 0% of the time. Android L’s keyboard better be better than that shit. Ya heard?

PS – I typed this blog on a fucking netbook keyboard running Xubuntu. Netbooks are such slow pieces of shit with the worst screen resolution ever, but it actually runs a server pretty well because Linux.

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No More Comments

June 4th, 2014 3:44pm No comments

I don’t give a fuck what you have to say about my blogs. I just crippled commenting because even with captchas and akismet and anti-spam shit, I still get valid looking comments let through that are spam. I’m sick of deleting them.

So now, you must log in to comment and I don’t allow new registrations, so blow me! Post shit on social media, not on my shit. Fuckers.

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