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Townhouse 12 Spotlight + Postseason Picks

September 30th, 2008 1:23am No comments

Welcome to the first annual house-wide MLB postseason bracket tournament. This year, me, Tom, Keith, Eric and Jon will be guiding us through the 2008 postseason. Here is the blatant Mirror 3×5 ripoff, Portfolioso style (5×6 and not a grid):


  • Nickname(s): Dr. Joe, Sivvvvv, Portfolioso, etc.
  • Hometown Area Code: 914
  • MLB Team of choice: NY Yankees
  • Campus Job(s): Best Buddies CBD, Manor Sports Editor, CNS’s Worst Enemy
  • Highlight of your week: Let’s just say it involved a coat hanger (no, not like that you sicko)
  • Best TH 12 Moment (so far): Pres Ball before and after festivities (Probably would have been E’s birthday but the Mets made me miss 95% of it.)
  • On your mind now: Shit’s weak. WIIIIZEEEEEEAK.
  • Bracket:


  • Nickname(s): Azamat (it’s really not, but that’s what he said when I asked him what he wanted here)
  • Hometown Area Code: 201
  • MLB Team of choice: NY Yankees
  • Campus Job: Mirror Sports Editor
  • Highlight of your week: Handing in my finance test (the rest of the week is a jokefest)
  • Best TH 12 Moment (so far): Come on Eileen
  • On your mind now: And boom there goes the dynamite!
  • Bracket:


  • Nickname(s): T.C, Clear Dogg
  • Hometown Area Code: 860
  • MLB Team of choice: Boston Red Sox
  • Campus Job: Mirror Managing Editor
  • Highlight of your week: Finishing the Mirror at 12:30
  • Best TH 12 Moment (so far): Eric’s 21st
  • On your mind now: Chris Simmons
  • Bracket:


  • Nickname(s): E, Big Red, Shoota
  • Hometown Area Code: 781
  • MLB Team of choice: Boston Red Sox
  • Campus Job: Basketball Manager
  • Highlight of your week: My birthday
  • Best TH 12 Moment (so far): Thirsty Thursdays, TH 12
  • On your mind now: Cheeseburgers
  • Bracket:


  • Nickname(s): J Money
  • Hometown Area Code: 908
  • MLB Team of choice: All I do is sail
  • Campus Job(s): Mirror Photo Editor
  • Highlight of your week: ???
  • Best TH 12 Moment (so far): ???
  • On your mind now: “Have a good one Joe, I’m taking off. See you tomorrow night.”
  • Bracket: Jon doesn’t do brackets, or football suicide pools, or any of that

So there you have it. Here’s my opinion of postseason 2008. It would be wonderful to see Joe Torre beat the Red Sox (see Keith’s picks) but I highly doubt that will happen. Keith’s picks are really ballsy – but anything can happen. I’m also a Lou Pinella fan, and the Cubs have a decent team, but the whole 100 years thing makes everyone laugh. Time will tell.

Update 1 10/5 8:45AM: Thanks for making me look like an idiot, Lou. I swear I’m not this dumb, I did the whole 2004 bracket correctly (minus the Red Sox – which is kind of the important part.) Way to ruin my whole bracket. Once the entire media jumped on the Cubs bandwagon, I knew I’d be done. I’ll be going for Joe Torre all the way I guess.

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