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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Portfolioso June 16, 2010 No Comments Useless Update ,

Let me share a little wisdom with you all. Ready? If you’re worried about something, don’t and here’s why:

  • I used to worry about everything
  • The people I chilled with all the time never worried about anything. I’d go crazy planning shit, figuring things out, doing calculus and OCDing about the way I wanted everything to turn out.
  • The people I chilled with who never worried about anything or planned a thing always got what they wanted and everything worked out in their favor
  • If things didn’t work out in their favor, they shrugged it off until things did work out
    Stuff still didn’t work out for me and I was annoyed/pissed etc.
    So I stopped giving a shit
  • Even if I still didn’t get what I wanted (which was probably the case), at least I didn’t care as much, but usually things worked out better.
  • QED

If you keep worrying, not only will you get yourself sick, but you won’t get a job, guaranteed. This works for everything: not having money, trying to figure out accommodations, weekend plans, car problems, illness, stealing someone elses girlfriend, broken technology, plane crashes, comets, chupacabras, etc*

There you have it. Don’t freak out and things will be just fine. Freak out, and things will continue to suck, then you’ll get an ulcer.  So stop giving a shit about everything and everything will be amazing.

*This doesn’t apply if you’re in deep shit. I am also not responsible for any harm that arises from you taking my advice to stop giving a shit. Some shit has to be given, just not a lot. This is a blog and I’m not a psychologist.

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