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Drew’s Toothpaste

November 17th, 2003 7:52pm 2 comments

Every morning in the library, I have to hear Drew’s complaining about his toothpaste. He claims that it has scrubbing particles in it that make him sick. (It’s probably diatomaceous earth) Anyway, he has something to drink after brushing his teeth which pushes these particles into his stomach, causing it, in his view to fizz, making him sick.

Frankly, we all have our own work to do and couldn’t care less about his toothpaste. Just thought I’d add a little crazy ass post.

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AIM Virus

November 15th, 2003 7:50pm No comments


This is a virus spread through AIM – specifically Trojan.Sinkin. It collects your passwords, changes your Internet Explorer homepage, causes loads of popups and adds a link to your AIM Profile. When people click on this link, they are taken to a website. An install on demand box appears. If the user clicks YES, they have the virus. If they user clicks NO, it keeps looping you back to that Install On Demand dialogue box, tricking you into clicking YES. WHATEVER YOU DO NEVER CLICK YES. If you are in this jam, press control alt delete and close Internet Explorer.

There used to be a way to easily remove the virus. However, the virus evolved and the properties changed, so there is no known way to remove it yet. I will post the information as soon as I find out. In the meantime, use antivirus software that’s up to date.

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Why You Shouldn’t Raise Your Hand In Class

November 12th, 2003 7:49pm No comments

The only reason people should raise their hands is for a high class participation grade. Besides that, it’s pretty useless. No matter how much you know the answer, the teacher ALWAYS calls on the person who isn’t paying attention or is completely clueless about the topic matter or the universe around them. Next, most teachers spend two to three minutes embarrassing the person and trying to pull the answer out of him or her, when that person clearly has no clue. When the teacher fails to pull the answer out of these people, the teacher gets annoyed and just says it (after four minutes). This wastes valuable learning time. Therefore, If you happen to know an answer and you are waving your hand high up, don’t expect to be called on, because some person that doesn’t know will usually be called on. And PS If you don’t know, you better find out soon, because you definitely will be called on. Also, some teachers are dumb and even though you raise your hand, they don’t call on you. Then they have the never to give low grades for class participation

There are some exceptions. First, not all teachers are like this. Second, some students are paying attention and know the answer.

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Viewing This Site at School

November 6th, 2003 7:49pm No comments

My records indicate that someone decided to go on this website at approximately 10:30 AM this morning from a school computer. My records also show that obscene messages were posted on the message board. I have a nice idea who this person is.

Anyway, I have banned the school’s IP from my message board. Therefore, no one will be allowed to post onto that message board from any computer connected to the internet within the Eastchester Union Free School District. Try it out…

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Crappy Weather

November 3rd, 2003 7:48pm No comments

This is a real perfect example of crappy weather. 81 degrees as reported from the weather station on the roof of EMS. And 81 degrees in November is not good…. There’s this piece of crap jet stream that’s positioned to give good cold snowy weather to the entire west, but no, we have to be on the other side of it with winds and gulf moisture coming from the south. The school’s a damn oven and I’m not supposed to be using air conditioning at this time of year. Some people out west are like “Those people in the east are lucky with their nice weather.” It not lucky and they’re fools. It messing my idea of perfect weather. Don’t get me wrong this is great weather for late spring, but when its in November, it pisses me off.

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