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New! Image Gallery

June 25th, 2004 10:55pm No comments

I was sick of the stupid way I had images on this site. It was a dumb apache directory listing of them. Why was this bad? Well, if you clicked on the image, it would load the full size high resolution image. This is slow, especially for you fools with dialup. Therefore, I got a nice php script to automatically generate an image gallery. Instead of loading the whole image, it loads an automatically generated thumbnail of it. This is quicker to load and you can see the image before you click it to enlarge it.

It is split into separate categories, each with its own gallery. Check it out over here. That’s some good shit.

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Flash Intro to

June 24th, 2004 10:54pm No comments

Well, John made an awesome flash intro! One thing I wanted to learn is flash animation, but Flash MX is really complicated. So John posts on my forums that he was willing to make a flash intro and I was like “Sure knock yourself out.” I don’t think I’ll be using it as an intro yet because it is 3 megabytes and that would kill my bandwidth every time the 10 regulars look at this site 100 times a day, plus it would be slow for dialup people. Enough blabbering.

Watch it here

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Auto Generated What’s Playing Image

June 14th, 2004 10:53pm No comments

Not that anyone cares, but I added an auto updating image that shows you what I’m currently listening to on Winamp. It is a picture of the compact Winamp bar (go figure). This image is located on the bottom of my main page, in case you’re interested. I had a real hard time getting the stupid php scripts to work with the damn Winamp plugin and it was really annoying. First thing I had to change was the font because it was loopy and hard to read.

It also messed up the page layout for those with 800×600 resolution, so I had to change the footer a little. (Damn 800×600 resolution should be banned because it sucks). But everything is okay now and works perfectly… Oh yeah, when it’s off, the time of the song will say seven seconds… Yeah its weird but whatever.

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