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Wake Up, Nextel

October 31st, 2004 11:23pm No comments

I think it would be helpful if Nextel updated their clock for Daylight Savings Time. How dumb can you be. The entire system time is off probably because some fat lazy person slept all day. Actually, there’s no excuse for this. One person probably isn’t in charge of network time. I’m also assuming the CEO of Nextel has a nextel phone. You think he’d check the time on it and complain to the idiot workers that it’s off… It’s been about one day since the DST switch back. You mean to tell me that not one person realized this mistake in the entire day?

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Save Work for Later? Or Do it Now?

October 25th, 2004 11:21pm No comments

So what’s better, doing schoolwork first to get it out of the way, or doing it at the last minute? Well it really doesn’t matter. Here’s why…

I used to always do my work right away when I came home from school and then have the rest of the night to do whatever I want. That’s pretty good, but there is another alternative. School is so tiring that I’ve been coming home and doing nothing for a while, then doing work later. Parents argue that it’s better to do the work first. If we analyze this scientifically (meaning that we assign two variables to be either constant, increasing or decreasing), we’ll find out why this doesn’t matter. The scientific statement: No matter when work is done, your free time will remain constant and your workload time will remain constant. This means that if you have, for instance, three hours of work, you can either work from 3PM to 6PM and spend from 6PM-whenever you go to bed doing whatever you want. Or, you can do nothing until 9PM and do the three hours of work after this. Either way, you still had free time before doing your work (if you chose to do it later) or had free time after the work (if you chose to do it right away).

Take weekends… If you do nothing on Friday and Saturday and work all of Sunday night, it’s the same thing as working all night on Friday and doing nothing on Saturday and Sunday. See what I mean?

In conclusion, don’t worry if you do work at the last minute. We all do and it forces us to get it done. If it’s not due for a while, we just put it off because there are better things to do. What does it matter when schoolwork is done. As long as a student finished the work done and does well in school, then that’s great! We’re happy for you.

P.S – It’s almost 1 AM on a Sunday night. I just finished my work 🙂

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Martha Stewart

October 9th, 2004 11:21pm No comments

Today is the first day Martha Stewart is in jail on vacation. This is the biggest joke. Yes, she does deserve to be in jail for what she did, but who considers this jail? It’s more like paradise. The prisoners get to walk around and do whatever. This is a prison for rich women, most of whom are there on drug related charges.

It’s not too bad for Martha. She has a 2 week orientation period and will be assigned a job. The biggest joke is that the jobs are designed for someone like her: cooking, gardening and sewing clothes for inmates. Wow! All the things Martha enjoys doing! What a joke. And OJ is still roaming free after murdering his wife.

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Verizon Introduces Faster DSL

October 1st, 2004 11:20pm No comments

Verizon Recently introduced a faster DSL plan that rivals cable. It has been boosted to 3 MBPS downstream and 768KBPS upstream. The old DSL ran about 1.5MBPS down and 128 KBPS up. For about the same price as cable, Verizon DSL now runs just as fast as cable, which runs anywhere from 2.5 – 4 MBPS (although I’ve rarely seen Optimum Online faster than 3MBPS). Of course, Verizon isn’t marketing this plan much, you’ll have to call for details.

This is nothing compared with what is to come. The future FIOS fiber optic service from Verizon will completely blow cable away. For the same price as the current DSL or cable, they will offer either 5 or 15 MBPS down and 2 MBPS up. Go Verizon!!!

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