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More Site Maintainence

January 21st, 2005 11:58pm No comments

I updated some more stuff. I’ll start out with the boring stuff no one cares about. I got rid of a lot of useless html for my layout. Instead of having a style tag for each page, I just made one css stylesheet and made all the pages use that. It saves a lot of junk on each page and cleans it up nicely. The site will look the same

And now for the good part. I liked the links page so much that I updated the image gallery page using the same format (minus the thumbnails). The gallery was boring and had dumb text links. The image gallery itself is the same, but the main page is in the pretty new format. People are getting confused though. Just because the box highlights on mouseover does not mean it’s a link. You need to click on the actual word to use the link.

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New Links Page

January 18th, 2005 11:57pm No comments

The old links page was extremely plain and boring so I changed the layout a little to make it better. It was a pain and took a while, but was worth it. This new page has thumbnails of the other sites’ logos (if they have one) and there is a nice on-mouseover color changer, all located neatly within a table. As usual, the links are the same and they are all good ones, so check them out.

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Coheed and Cambria Sucks

January 9th, 2005 11:49pm No comments

They are completely awful. Only people like Dannyrob would fall for their crappy music. And krock plays them a lot which makes me puke.

Their high pitched whining voices really irritate me. And you all know how Maddox dissed U2 for their “heavy” lyrics (wooao)? Well if you though that was bad, hearing some 18 year old guys who had their balls removed screaching “wa oh wa ooooh wa oh oh oh woah” 3 times doesn’t help. Listen here (193KB) (that clip is from Blood Red Summer)

And no Dannyrob, I’m not copying Maddox by posting a sound clip. I did give him the credit for the original idea. I did feel it was necessary to post a link to these church choir boys without balls to prove to everyone exactly how high their voices are.

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Countdown Added to Main Page

January 1st, 2005 11:55pm No comments

Two posts in a day! I added a countdown to my main page where my random quotes usually are. I will not tell you what it’s counting down until. You can guess on the forums and we’ll see how right you people are.

After the event has passed, then I’ll put the random quotes back up.

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Happy New Year to All!

January 1st, 2005 11:46pm No comments

Happy New Year to all. Wasn’t really the same – we need Dick Clark back. Regis is okay, but you really can’t have a New Year’s Rockin’ Eve without Dick Clark.

Anyway this is the first time this site’s working in 2005. Half of the datacenter was out (over 40 servers) Since the servers are located in Orlando, I think the admins were all drunk and celebrating the New Year with Mickey Mouse in Disneyworld. Oh well, its up now.

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