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Generic Laptop Rant #324

June 13th, 2009 6:27am Leave a comment

I hate my laptop. It’s old, slow and has a bunch of quirks that are pissing me off. It’s hanging in there, but it’s on its way out. I refuse to get a new one until Windows 7 is out, plus I don’t really feel like spending money right now (bad economy, I cut spending like everyone else). The latest annoyance? Severe overheating. That’s right. Anytime, the CPU is at 100% for about 5 minutes or more, or the fan is slightly blocked – BOOM, power down. This is becoming very frequent during high CPU tasks such as video encoding/ playback, photo editing, Google Earth, etc.

I’m kind of scared, because this happened to someone else with my exact model. It started slowly, but eventually wouldn’t stay on past a few seconds. So who knows when this thing will kick? I can tell you one thing though. It’s annoying as hell to be in the middle of something and then it just powers down. Fuckin’ stop that shit. Bitch ass trick.

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