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October 26th, 2009 6:26pm No comments

You know what pisses me off to no end? Leeches. People that have nothing better to do than to follow you around and chew your ear off about topics you don’t give two shits about. It always happens at the worst possible time also. Sometimes, I’ll have a minute to chat or will be in a good mood and won’t mind, but that’s when they’re in hiding. These leeches pop out either 1) when you’re exhausted 2) just failed a test 3) rushing to a meeting 4) just want to relax. And there’s no avoiding these people. There is absolutely a 100% chance you’ll run into them. It’s scientifically proven.

You know what’s the worst thing ever? When people who are walking in one direction run into you, and they do a fucking 360 and walk 20 minutes in the opposite direction from where they were originally headed to. I thought the stop and chat was bad, but I can tolerate that because it’s like 2 minutes tops, and you can walk away if you say you are in a rush. But this is 400 times worse, because you’re stuck. It’s like a guided missile just locked on target and it doesn’t go away. Then you wonder why people end up flipping out.

Off topic, but I just ate a fortune cookie. It read “Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.” Those Chinese. I’ll leave these leech dudes with them for a few days and they will rethink that fortune.

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Phillies Phans are Phuckin’ Morons

October 22nd, 2009 1:53am 1 comment

I hate the Phillies. Their fans are all bandwagon obnoxious assholes. The team makes the World Series two years in a row, and all of a sudden, fans spawn out of nowhere. Mind you, I’m in Connecticut right now – Yankee/Red Sox rivalry land. Just because a few jokers from south Jersey or PA come to this school, they go nuts. You know what was ignorant and made me rage? Right after the Phillies won the ALCS tonight, people outside started screaming:

“Yeah Phillies! F*ck New York!”

What a dumbshit ignorant comment

  • The Phillies just played Los Angeles. NY has nothing to do with anything
  • The Yankees haven’t even gotten to the World Series yet – they still need one more win (in three chances).
  • This isn’t related to anything, but why are the Mets your bitter rivals? The Mets are JOKERS. It’s not that hard to win a game against the Mets.
  • You are still the losing-ist pro team ever, with 10,000+ losses, so die.
  • I know a Phillies fan here. She’s really ugly.

So go away and stop yelling outside my window.

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Hello from… A Proxy

October 19th, 2009 11:55pm No comments

First update in a long time. I just woke up because I decided to sleep off a pissed off mood from a Yankee loss and a campus internet outage. I am posting this from a proxy because the dumb shits here at my school network go home after 5PM, and then the internet frequently goes down and no one is here to fix it. Very common occurrence.

So… I do some investigating, and websites do not load. But we do seem to have a live internet connection, since some other protocols worked. So what do I do? Tunnel to a server I administer back in my hometown (thanks KF-Dedicated) and proxy traffic from there to me. Works wonders. So what is wrong with our internet here? I have a feeling that it’s an overloaded traffic-shaper and it’s just dropping all web traffic. Either that or the DNS server died. Some encryption and tunnel action, and bingo, I’m the only moron here with a working connection. Now CNS, get your shit together, you are horrible people. So that’s my rant.

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