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The iPad is a tremendous piece of iShit

January 28th, 2010 1:34am No comments

Sucks to you Apple fanboys! When stuff like this happens, I grin from ear to ear. The only reason Apple is so successful with new products these days is because they hype them so much. They are running out of new ideas quickly and all they can do is improve upon what already exists. For about a month now, the internet has been plagued with “Apple Tablet” rumors. It actually started to sound cool. Then they announce the iPad (which is an awful name by the way). Numerous stupid people will confuse iPad and iPod, mark my words.

So I really didn’t know much about this iPad, since I was busy all day sleeping, looking for jobs, Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, wasting time etc. I pretty much ignored all the hype. So after researching it and learning more, here comes the shitstorm:

iPads automatically suck. First off, it’s absolutely huge. An iPhone can do the same exact thing. Let’s go over some specs:

  • It cannot multitask. Seriously Apple? With Android 2.1 around the corner, haven’t you learned yet? Why don’t you spend your R&D making a 4th gen iPhone with a screen that doesn’t get shit on by the Droid/Nexus One and actually multitasks.
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768. That was decent in 2002. And it’s not widescreen, so movies will look awful on it.
  • No camera. How am I supposed to use Skype on this thing? And so much for the rumors of the front and back facing cameras.
  • iPad? What an awful name
  • No Flash support.
  • All the ports are nonstandard and you need to carry around various adapters. So much for portability. Guess what? My netbook is portable and I don’t need to carry around extra hunks of proprietary shit so I can plug in a flash drive.
  • Only runs app store apps. WHAT IS THE POINT?! A phone can do that. Why not put Snow Leopard on it?
  • Storage maxes out at 64GB. Netbooks can hold much more with real harddrives or SSDs.
  • Ranges from $499-$829. Way too expensive for so few features. As I said a few times, netbooks are cheaper.
  • There’s probably a lot more wrong with it, but I don’t give two hoots and have seen enough, and writing this is making me rage

In conclusion, a netbook can multitask, is smaller, has a better display/ resolution, has a camera, has a real keyboard, runs Adobe Flash and is much cheaper. Enough said. Only gullible, idiotic Apple Fanboys would buy this shitpile.

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Apple Tablet Revealed

January 22nd, 2010 11:55am No comments

Breaking news! We here at have obtained classified information from an undisclosed Apple employee. I would like to introduce a picture of the highly anticipated Apple Tablet:

Read more…

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Might not be the case…

January 14th, 2010 2:31am No comments

Thanks for the infographic, Keith:

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