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Idiotic, Hipster Apple Fanboy Scientists Think Siri Can Cure Cancer

May 13th, 2012 4:20pm Leave a comment

Gizmodo – British Telecom is putting [Siri] through a kind of biomedical training. Last month, at a conference in Boston, BT’s Bas Burger used Siri to launch a mock experiment that analyzed data on the new cloud service the company build specifically for life sciences R&D. Talking into his iPhone, Burger asked Siri to crunch some numbers on BT’s cloud using a common research tool called Pipeline Pilot, and after authenticating Burger, Siri complied. Moments later, Burger asked her for a status update, and she told him the experiment was complete, offering the results on his phone

I’m about to stop following Gizmodo on my news reader on the grounds that they keep blogging about stupid bullshit, like why you shouldn’t put water in your cereal. But at the same time, it allows for some real talk discussion on how my opinions are always correct, my logic is flawless, and most people are fucking morons.

I skimmed this article. It’s too long and full of shit for me to thoroughly give a fuck about it. Hey Bas Burger. Instead of wasting time time making an interface for Siri to do your cloud calculations, why don’t you just do your cloud calculations without Siri. It’s less effort.

Fucking hipsters.

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