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Something Intelligent People Should Know, Especially People Who Took Bio

September 14th, 2012 12:49am No comments

Not to call anyone out by name, but there was a tweet or two I read on Twitter that made me vomit, and this was before I took house shots of whiskey. Yes, I am going call a few people out…

Fucking… How do you not know male cows didn’t produce milk? WHAT? Like you JUST  realized they didn’t do this at like 24 years old? Fuckin nursing degrees and shit? Motherless male cows are mother fucking mammals. Fucking male humans are mammals. You don’t see me squirting milk out of my titties. Do you know any guys that fuckin breastfeed babies and shit? Hells NO. Same goes for cows.

Read this mother fuckin book, then take bio 101 or like 3rd grade science. God damn it. I’m a fucking tech guy and even I knew this shit. Jesus fucking Christ. This is probably the dumbest thing I’ve seen since George W. Bush took office.

Yes, I’m mean. Yes I’m a dick. I’m an asshole. Sorry I’m not sorry. I just like science. If you don’t like it, blow me and if you don’t want to do that, someone smarter will.

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I Legit Got Creeped Out And Pulled My Previous Blog Post

September 5th, 2012 12:36am No comments

Soooo. I made my previous blog post private because I got creeped the fuck out. I mentioned some dude by name and talked about his beliefs and views. Guy must have like some crazy  Google alerts set up or some FBI people working for him, because he friended me on Google+

WAT?!?!?!? HOW? In order to friend me on G+, you need to know my name, which is not mentioned here. Maybe he searched by email address? How is this blog associated with my Google+


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I’ll Kick the Yankees in the Ass

September 2nd, 2012 5:25pm No comments

The Yankees are the shittiest-assed first place team I’ve ever seen. How do you collapse a 10 game lead to 2 games? You know what the problem is with this AAA team? You have Joe Girardi out there slapping motherfuckers high fives when they fuck up. Like Derek Lowe. The fuckin shitty Indians traded his ass because he was a mediocre, useless shitpile. And he comes over here, walks a fucking guy, gives up a base hit, two runs and then gets pulled without getting one out. And what does Girardi do? Fucking gives him a high five. Don’t slap them a high five. Fucking lose it on him, Wally Backman style. Asshole. Too lax with these shitheads. They need to be made an example out of.  Steinbrenner is spinning in his grave right now.


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