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If You Follow Your GPS Into a Lake, You Deserve to Die

October 5th, 2010 12:14am No comments

Gizmodo – According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, a 37-yo Senegalese man died when his car fell into a lake near the town of Capilla, Badajoz. According to his companion—who survived the accident—the driver was following the GPS directions when the car fell into the water, sinking in just a few minutes.

According to amateur blog, a 37-yo Sengalese man is a fucking idiot. If you are stupid enough to follow your GPS into a lake, you’re a damn moron and you need to be eliminated to improve the intelligence of the gene pool here on earth. It’s social Darwinism at it’s finest.

Pay the fuck attention you stupid idiot. You’re driving on a windy, dangerous, unfamiliar road – go slower. Last I checked, your GPS doesn’t drive your car for you. If you drove it off a road, you’re the one with the wheel and pedal asshole. So don’t give me any of this “oh it’s dark, it’s windy” bull, it’s 100% his fault. Could the GPS have been wrong? Yes, but it’s a machine – you use it to help you, not control you. Sorry but it’s called situational awareness. Very important.

So tell me who this schmuck fuckface companion is who survived? Another fucking idiot. What the hell was he doing when his friend was busy driving off a cliff – lounging? If they were in an unknown dark area, you think he’d be an extra set of eyes? You think he be screaming at his friend to stop driving like a maniac on some windy road with no divider and a huge drop into a lake.. Shame that guy walked away. Another moron who needs his genes of this planet.

I love reading these stories on the internet because it’s great ripping on these people. Obviously I’m 100% right. It’s like that fucking idiot who got run over following Google’s walking directions. Probably sued Google for like $300 million too.

PS – If you saw this post like 6 times on your news reader, I messed up. API tests/ reposting/ Twitter problems. Sorry

It’s About Time They Did This in NYC

June 8th, 2010 6:32pm 2 comments

You know what annoys me? Tourists clogging up my city and getting in my way. People like to stand in the middle of the sidewalk with blank stares and gaping mouths while looking up at buildings and taking 4,321 pictures or people who are walking turtle speed staring into a map.  I have places to go and  things to do – you’re in my way.

So this is a few weeks old, this news – I saw it on the internets somewhere. Being in NY yesterday, people who were slow annoyed me, so I thought I’d put this up. But it’s brilliant – divide the sidewalk into people who stand around and walk slowly, and real people who have somewhere to go. Anyone ignoring this should be ticketed, or even tased (is that even a word? tased? Tasered? Whatever, you get the point.)

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BP is Retarded, and so is Top Kill

May 30th, 2010 4:11am No comments

I never use the word retarded. It is plain offensive. I would never use it to describe anyone with an intellectual disability. But in this case, BP is fucking retarded.

So Top Kill failed to plug this oil well. I decided to do a little research on the actual procedure and found this on Wikipedia:

BP tried to shut down the well completely using a technique called “top kill”. The process involves pumping heavy drilling fluids through two 3-inch (7.6 cm) lines into the blowout preventer that sits on top of the wellhead.

Please explain to me how pumping heavy mud and concrete through two 3-inch pipes would be enough to stop a well that is leaking 5,000 barrels (210,000 US gal) per day. No wonder it failed. The blowout preventor didn’t even work anyway, so you’re going to pump mud through it? Common sense here folks… I could have a three year old tell you that wouldn’t work.

The world will end by 2012 guaranteed. So start looting, doing whatever you want whenever you want and living it up. Enjoy.

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