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Mac In Da Hood

October 31st, 2003 7:47pm No comments

I walked into math today and went hysterical laughing. This guy dresses up nicely every day with a suit and tie and I was extremely surprised to see this.

Edit: June 1, 2004: Click the link to view the picture… It was too large and was messing up the layout for those with lower screen resolutions.

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Weather Box

October 29th, 2003 7:45pm No comments

Due to circumstances beyond my control, the weather box that is normally located on the uppermost corner of my main page is not working. It may come back on later, but since it is on another server, I have no control. If it doesn’t come back in a week, then I will remove the weather box. So that’s why there’s a box with an x in it. (It means there’s a dead link to an image if you don’t know anything about computers…)

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October 26th, 2003 7:45pm No comments

Nice attempt. I really don’t care though. The Boston series was so good and I was so happy seeing them beat Boston, this really didn’t matter too much. It’s not the same team from 1996-1999. No one has experience and that’s why they’ve been losing for the past few years. Oh well…

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