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Roxio Sucks

July 29th, 2004 11:03pm 11 comments

Ok so Roxio sucks because they make crappy software that’s not compatable with Microsoft updates, causing me hours of computer problems, headaches and annoyances.

So early this morning I went to turn on my computer and it got to the Windows XP thing but that green bar just stopped dead every time. So I waited 3 minutes and restarted. Of course it informed me that XP didn’t load properly (no shit!) and offered the option to boot into safe mode. I tried to start it normally again ad it did. Okay. At the time I had no idea it was Roxio, but it wasn’t working right for me (cds were corrupt) so I decided to uninstall it and reinstall it. After I uninstalled it, my computer was fine. Then, I installed it again and the computer wouldn’t start anymore. I didn’t suspect Roxio at this point. Anyway there were better things to do than sit in front of a computer all day, so I left and came back later that afternoon.

Again, the darn thing wouldn’t boot and I decided to start it in safe mode, then did a system restore and after a few tries, it started again. I then attempted to reinstall Roxio (like an ass.) That screwed up the booting again and it wouldn’t start. I did 2 system restores and nothing happened – still wouldn’t start. Anyway, by now I knew that it was Roxio causing this problem, so I attmpted to uninstall it in safe mode, but that didn’t work because safe mode is devoid of drivers. After one more restore, I finally got it working (good thing!) Next, I immediately uninstalled Roxio Easy CD creator 5 Platinum and took the install disc and threw it out. No loss. It’s old anyway. I probably would have formatted the harddrive if I had good backups but they were scattered and I didn’t want to start over new. Godd thing It’s okay.

So what caused this problem? A few days before that, I upgraded to DirectX 9.0 (Microsoft video crap) and Roxio probably didn’t like that. So Roxio was slowly causing trouble by burning bad cds, then completely screwed up the Windows boot sectors on my harddrive. Damn, if software was made correctly, it should be forward compatable. Oh well, now I have Nero and it requires DirectX 9.

Sorry to bore you people. I’m sure no one cares about my computer crap story.

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The Red Sox are Rotten

July 26th, 2004 11:01pm No comments

The Yankees suffered two unfair losses due to unfair and rotten baseball. The Red Sox are completely unfair. Since they are not capable of beating a better team, they result to malicious, evil tacticts to win ball games. Boston instigated Saturday’s brawl by intentionally hitting Alex Rodriguez, then jeering at him until he got so riled up that he fought with the pitcher. The benches cleared and for no reason at all, Boston players were beating up on the Yankees. Why? They hoped to injure some of them and knock them out of the game, so it would be easier to win. Did it work? Yes, unfortunately. Tanyon Sturtze’s finger was injured in the mess on Saturday causing him to leave early. The result? A failed bullpen attempt. Up until the incident, he was pitching a no hitter. The Red Sox couldn’t beat him so they beat him (literally) until he had to leave due to injury.

In Sunday’s game, then umpire called Jeter out because he was out of the batters box. This was untrue and probably done because we have biased umpires that support Boston and John Kerry (who attended Sunday’s game).

Here are a few possible thoughts running through the umpire’s minds during the game: “Let’s pick on the Yankees because we musn’t spoil John Kerry’s good time.” Or “Let’s make up a completely bogus call to prevent 2 runs from scoring to get back at the Yankees because they win too much.” What about “Oh yeah, Jeter’s out because the Yankees’ payroll is too high” True, everyone beats up in “the Evil Empire.” I’m sick of this team being treated unfairly by Boston fans, Mets fans and others who hate them.

This is baseball, play the game as it is meant to be. We shouldn’t have to resort to violence to win ballgames these days.

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July 20th, 2004 11:01pm No comments

There is one person who keeps looking at my forums as a guest and the IP started with a 65. So I looked it up and its none other than Microsoft… I don’t have the slightest clue of why someone in Washington using a Microsoft IP address would keep looking at this site. I mean, the only people who know about this site are people I told it about. It couls be someone from another forum, because I have my website listed on others. It might also be anyone using MSN internet access, but why would it say Washington? I’m sure anyone around here with MSN internet doesnt have to dial Washington to get on. Who knows.

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July 12th, 2004 11:00pm No comments

This site is running nicely again. The server seems to be stable now. It was caught in an endless loop of excessive memory usage. Once all the memory was used up (due to heavy server loads), apache failed and forced a reboot. Then the site would work again for a short while until all the memory was used and it kept rebooting. So after two days of being caught in that loop (probably do to some hacking fools) it now seems back to normal. And it better stay that way for a long, long time.

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Some More Downtime

July 11th, 2004 10:59pm No comments

I have no idea what happend before around 2PM today. This site was fine then all of a sudden it was down for at least an hour (maybe more). Then, I tried to get a server status from my hosting company’s website and their site was down. Next, I tried emailing them and their mail servers were down so the email wouldn’t go through. Finally, I tried looking at the support forums where they post server issues and that server is still not up. I know it went out around 2PM but I have no idea when it came back.

Anyway, I emailed tech support. They sent back a disgustingly ungramatical email which is very unlike them, because their support is usually great. I make a lot of typos, but this is professional, they should at least check it over. Get ready to count the typos (I’ve made them bold):

Hello, We are currently having a network issue with some of our servres that are located in some of our old datacenter space in the the Northeastern US, this should be resolved soon within 1-2 hours. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Also last night and early this morning we had to performe some maintence on the
domain on server, in an effort to provide better and faster
support in the future for our customers. We are currently up and running. -Erik

Hahaha… I just laughed.

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