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Halloween Pictures

October 31st, 2005 11:41pm No comments

Happy Halloween People (or what’s left of it). Pictures are up from today… Look at them over here. You can also see a 2 second video clip of Goober dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite over here. The gallery is not finished, I still need more pictures of people (including myself – YARRRRRR). So send them over.

Edit: No you can’t. I don’t do media anymore. Well I do, but not the way I used to. Deal with it.

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Congratulations Chicago White Sox

October 27th, 2005 1:33am No comments

As a Yankee fan, I’d like to congratulate the Chicago White Sox for winning the World Series. They haven’t done so in 88 years and I have specific reasoning for why I support the White Sox over the Astros.

First of all, I was watching ESPN, and there was this 96 year old man who was a kid when the White Sox won a World Series. Fox interviewed him and I figured that he’s old an probably won’t see this again in his life, so Chicago might as well win.

Most importantly, I’m glad the Astros lost for one reason – that Roger Clemens did NOT deserve a World Series ring. That old bag is a traitor to the Yankees and I lost all respect for him after he announced his retirement, then suddenly signed with the Astros. This clever scheme enabled him to leave the Yankees and return to his redneck land of Texas. Quick off topic side-note – David Wells went to Boston and was booed in Yankee Stadium. I still respect Wells because it was not his choice to leave, rather, Steinbrenner being a selfish fool (who spends hundreds of millions of dollars to lose)

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More Ignorance

October 16th, 2005 8:07pm 3 comments


I was enraged when I read the following bulletin that was posted on Myspace. How ignorant can people be? Read this nonsense:

Subject: Under age users

Hi Folks,
As you may have noticed, many myspaces have been deleted. This is due to the underage users that abuse the privileges of myspace. I understand that there are many memories from myspace that are irreplaceable so i lowered the age to 14. Please pass this on because we have attached a !!special tracking device!!. If you repost this, you will be safe from being deleted. If you don’t repost this, you will be tracked and your myspace will be searched throughly for underage users. Repost this message saying “Underage Users”. Thank you

Myspace Creator,

First of all, some moron writes something claiming to be Tom and everyone believes it. This is why phishing is so successful – people believe everything and give away their info. First of all, explain to me how can a !!special tracking device!! can be attached to a stupid website? There’s no such thing as a special tracking device. Even if there was one, how would it get your age? The only way people get their myspaces deleted are by RATS that report them. Otherwise, they don’t know if you’re 12, 18 or a 59 year old pedophile. Secondly, whats with the special !!exclamation points before and after!! the word tracking device? I don’t know what language you speak, but in English, one exclamation point goes after the sentence. But I’m sure that in dumbass-lish, it probably translates to “ZOMG this needs to lyk stand out. lyk OMGZs its lik 1300% true iffff notytt I’ll lyk dyyyyyEEEE” (Yeah that wasn’t supposed to make sense).

Anyway this rant is a follow up to my chain letter rant, because nothing pisses me off more than ignorant people who fall for internet rumors and keep reposting chain letters. Maybe if I got this once I’d let it slide, but when 30 people repost the same thing, it shows me that morons really believe that it’s true. The U.S. really need to make a law that bans these morons from the internet.

I hate Myspace. It’s corrupting people.

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PHP Broken

October 13th, 2005 11:24pm No comments

Update: Everything is working now. Thanks for the patience. And thanks to Rameez for pointing this issue out. if anything on this site ever breaks, let me know about it and I’ll take care of it. I’m so busy that I probably won’t notice things.

Php is all messed up on my server. My image gallery is not generating thumbnails and my uploader is broken.

Just a heads up. I have no control over this because I don’t have root access to the server. So the admins in Orlando will get to it when they can – I notified them.

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Links Updated

October 6th, 2005 7:16pm No comments

I updated my links page because it needed a little work. For instance, there were dead links, dead pictures, some sites disappeared (WinMX) etc. There might be a new link or two here and there. I also reordered some links based on importance.

Check out some good sites here:

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