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Gmail Chat Blocked

March 28th, 2006 8:16am 1 comment

I logged into Gmail in school yesterday and was shocked. Apparently, the admins updated the 8e3 blocklist, which happened to block out gmail’s chat feature. How retarded is that?


Things our admins should not be worried about: blocking useless websites, NetSupport (the retarded program that is used to take over your computers/ spy on you), retarded restrictions like blocking view source, etc.

Things they should be worried about: nonexistent security (I’m just not going to get into that), viruses and broken computers.

Have fun…

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More Site Maintenance

March 25th, 2006 3:26am 1 comment

I spent some time fixing up my internal links page (to all cool stuff on this site). It was very boring and old looking, so I replaced it with a nicer looking layout and regrouped the links by relevance. I also fixed some php code that the user does not see, but it’s all good because it made some files smaller and will decrease load time and save bandwidth by eliminating useless code. I also fixed some titles that were wrong. Anyway, I know you people don’t care, but I do so whatever 😛

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Proxy Fixed

March 15th, 2006 11:01pm 3 comments

Good news to all of those who enjoy using my proxy bypass utility. It is now fixed. It has been broken for the past few days and it works again, even better than the old one.

I have nothing more to say (short post tonight because I have a lot of work to do).

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