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You’re Dumb. Don’t Teach Here

February 26th, 2009 9:24pm 1 comment

I have had it with ignorant professors. It really pisses me off that a highly qualified, extremely expensive institute of higher learning employs professors who either can’t write or speak English or don’t know basic history.

Professor 1 teaches an international human resource management course. She has no clue about history. On two occasions, this woman stated that three atomic bombs were dropped in Japan to end WWII. Please refresh my memory as to what the third one was, I’d like to know. Second, we were talking about imperialism and she asked us which areas in the present day US were territories of Spain. A student replied with Florida and she immediately dismissed that fact and called on someone else, who said Texas. Um, moron – they’re both correct – don’t say that a student (she was pretty hot actually, I’m surprised she was smart) is wrong when he/she is not. This fool gave us nine assignments and graded one of them. How are we supposed to know how we’re doing?

Professor 2 teaches history. She never uses a subject when she sends email. Use a subject – that’s what it’s for. I am OCD with sorting things and don’t want to guess what each of your poorly written messages are about. Second, when you write an email the following bullets demonstrate improper grammar and are unacceptable:

  • To prepare your middle-term exam, you need to familiar yourself with […]”
  • “Why did the Jesuits to to Asia to covert people into Christianity?”
  • “We studies global interactions during the 16th and 17th centuries.”

These people have PhDs dammit. They’re supposedly brilliant. Proofread your shit and check your facts before you make yourself sound like dumb. I wouldn’t hand in a paper like that. Don’t get me wrong, these are lovely, wonderful people and are really nice. But I have no patience for stupidity.

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Gotta Love the Bandwidth Cap

February 24th, 2009 3:35am No comments

One week left until I peace for spring break and we have a little condition here – the regression to 1997 internet speeds. Thanks to our wonderful network staff and some bandwidth caps (oops, looks like I went over), I get to spend the next 5 days on a 56k connection (I really don’t though if you know what I mean). It was interesting to test load times on a dial-up connection. Let me tell you, I’m pretty damn impressed how snappy this site loaded on dial-up. As far as the rest of the internet… No good. Simple images, web 2.0 pages and especially Gmail take about two minutes to load.

On average, when the network is busy, I’d say we get about 500KBPS to 1MBPS. That’s pretty weak. When it’s empty, individual users can see up to 30MBPS. Of course, with QOS, traffic manipulation and deep packet inspection thanks to this piece of shit, web traffic is still pretty laggy. So that 30MBPS is pretty crippled when your webpages still load slowly.

I have a suggestion for you brainiacs who work in our intertube department. If you knew anything about networking at all, you’d automatically restrict bandwidth at the time of excessive usage, not after the fact. (For example, maybe 200MB+ within certain period of time, or speeds >10MBPS for an extended period. Capping there would literally cut the download off and save bandwidth, not watste it and then cap it later on when it doesn’t matter anymore). This is why our network sucks – when people use too much, they are not capped at the time of excess consumption. Capping me now is pointless. I was even considerate enough to do my [perfectly legal and school related, educational] video download at 4AM on the weekend while everyone was blackout drunk and not using the internet for any academic purposes. Limiting me now is kind of a joke. Although I do thank you guys for not shutting it off completely. That would be an hassle.

Screenshot of a Speakeasy test and NetMeter:

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New Countdown Added

February 19th, 2009 2:25am 1 comment

For the time being, my random quote under the logo in the header of this website has been replaced with a countdown. Please refer to this date, as it is of great significance and importance. First person who figures it out wins a beer. I really need to stop with these short posts. Things have been slow lately.

Edit: just did some hacking and added it to the blog header also

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I Need to Update

February 4th, 2009 6:33pm No comments

Busy man… Haven’t updated in a while and things have been kind of uneventful, besides how busy I keep myself. I have nothing really to complain or rant about. Well I do, but it’s trivial and can be done in 160 words or less on Twitter. Metallica was SICK – saw them in Jersey. Other than that, I don’t feel like writing a lot because I’m lazy. Have a good one.

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