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August 30th, 2010 9:33pm No comments

I called it for years but now it’s official: Digg is now in the shitter. used to be awesome back in 2005 when it had much fewer users and it only covered technology. I got all my tech news from there and stayed on top of everything. But then it got absolutely huge, and they expanded categories, and people started submitting stupidity, such as OMGz look at this cat picture. In addition, Digg became so popular that power users took over and controlled the content. It was no longer the common man voting up stories. It became all corporate and the top 5% controlled 50% of the site’s content. I had to look elsewhere for tech news.

Then Kevin Rose took over and duked it out with former CEO Jay Addleson. As soon as Jay stepped down and Kevin took over as CEO, he reverted half of Jay’s work and flipped out

Kevin tried to turn Digg into Apple. Except, unlike Apple, everyone hated the new product.

So Digg v4 launched, and people hated the shit out of it. So what do they do? Digg all the content on reddit, another social news/ voting website. So all of the top stories on Digg right now redirect to Reddit. Nice.

This is almost as bad as that time Kevin Rose tried to censor the HD DVD decryption key. People kept submitting it and every single article was all about it. Same thing now with Reddit. No one learns from history?

Used to idolize that guy, not gonna lie. But he really doesn’t know what the hell is going on anymore. And he’s a Mac fanboy, so more strikes against him.

R.I.P Digg 2005-2009

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Introducing the Yankees’ New One Man Rotation

August 25th, 2010 9:56pm No comments

C.C Sabbathia. The only man you can count on these days. Everyone else blows (minus pettite, who’s hurt)

Now for the B team:

  • Burnett – Sucks. He’s a fucking head case. Guy is an absolute nutter. Crazy. Wacko. His awful pitching is based on him being in a bad mood.
  • Hughes – Not consistent. Can be really good, but I’m not impressed. And F you Hughes. I’m playing Big Red in fantasy this week. I start Hughes, he pitches like shit and I get like 2 points. Big Red starts Mosely and gets like 30 points. Something’s wrong here.
  • Mosely – Not half bad, but you can’t get through the playoffs with half of Scranton-Wilkes Barre playing major league games.
  • Nova – He doesn’t go (Spanish anyone?) Kid was on the verge of getting blown out but got lucky. Not a bad debut. But this is the Yankees, I don’t want to see AAA no names.

Then you get Javier Vazquez who is God awful. He started the season awful, then he god decent, now he sucks again and gets pulled from the rotation,  making relief appearanced out of the bullpen. This is a fucking disaster. It’s a miracle this team is the best in baseball. This is what happens when you didn’t get Cliff Lee like I said they should have before the trading deadline.

And Hal, what the fuck was that about getting Nick Johnson? Guy played like 3 games and ended the season. He just had surgery again. Get the FUCK off my team,  what the hell are we paying you for? You’re useless.

PS – Toronto, what the hell is with the Yankees Suck chant? No rivalry going on there.

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Son of a Bitch Cat Slaps Dog in Face

August 25th, 2010 12:27am No comments

See this is why cats suck. Here you have a dog just sitting there chilling, being a dog, doing dog stuff and this idiotic cat just comes along, pretends to be friendly and playful then out of nowhere  slaps it in the face. Fucking sneaky cat. I hate cats.

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Private Browsing Mode Increases During Lunch Time, People are Morons

August 24th, 2010 12:39am No comments

Mozilla released usage metrics for Firefox today and Mashable publishes an article about how people switch to private browsing around lunch time. Five minutes Later, Gizmodo writes the same article, those copycats!

Guess what? People are fucking morons and don’t understand the internet. Switching to private browsing won’t protect you from shit at work. It protects the local history on your computer. Last I checked, you shouldn’t be letting anyone on your account anyway, so it doesn’t matter what history is there. Don’t you all know that WebSense/8e3 or whatever other blocking/monitoring software your employer has will see what pages you visit anyway*? No? Then you’re a dumb shit.

Read, Shitheads. It warns you every time

*Unless you use a tunnel, but you’re too stupid to do that. See, I can get around that shit with no problem, guaranteed.

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I’m Like F**k You, and F**k Her Too

August 23rd, 2010 9:25am No comments


Ceelo? Never heard of him until now. Shit’s fresh though. Just dropped Friday. This is some catchy shit and it’s the next huge thing according to D-Blunts. Plus I like the message it sends, the video is clever and I’m just in a go f yourself mood right now.

I haven’t done my song of the week for a while because I didn’t feel like it.

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