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Upgrading, BRB

February 24th, 2011 12:11am No comments

Upgrading this bitch to WordPress 3.1. My plugins might break, so bear with me. I have backups but I’m too tired to restore them tonight if this goes wrong. It shouldn’t though. This isn’t Drupal or some awful shit.

Edit: Success, bitches! Nothing broke, unlike last time. Noice. 2/2 in WordPress upgrades without breaking anything.

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Verizon Is Slacking Their Asses off With the Android Phones

February 23rd, 2011 9:21am 1 comment

This is an identical rant to the one I posted December 6th. The former post is  better written, but my point is that almost three months passed and I still don’t see good new Android phones on Verizon. And I’m not talking about the iPhone. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Newsflash Verzion, The iPhone 4 is so last year. Missed the boat on that one. Imagine if you fools actually launched with the iPhone 5 / 4G? That would be useful.  AT&T sucks balls but no one is going to switch and pay early termination fees to get a phone that’s already been out a year and Apple already probably has a new one in the works. But I digress, enough about Apple. I want Android. I don’t want a Droid 2, Droid Pro, Droid Incredible or Samsung Fascinate.

Seriously? Samsung Fascinate has Android 2.1 – which is two versions outdated? The Droid Incredible is like a year old already and has that awful HTC Sense UI. The Droid X is fucking huge. The Droid 2 has better hardware than the original Droid, but has Motoblur, which looks like ass. The Droid Pro looks like a half assed Blackberry. Then you get the LG android phones which are just half assed.

People ask me “I want a Verizon Droid, which one should I get?” Welp, I love the Android platform, but um… None right now. Wait a bit…

So dearest Verizon, when are you getting some good ass phones? They’re pulling the same shit they did before Android became popular. AT&T and T Mobile had all the good shit. Verizon’s just like.. Fuck it, we have good service so we don’t care about how ballin the phones are.

I’m due for an upgrade next May or something and as much as I love my original Droid, it’s slow and old. And they slide out keyboard is floppy and loose.

So what Android phones are good? Nexus S or G2 (T-Mobile) and the Motorola Atrix (AT&T). When the Atrix was announced, I was so excited. But nope, not coming to Verizon. Why would it? Only shitty assed phones come to Verizon.

Oh and Verizon – if you don’t have good phones by the time my contract runs out. Peace!

PS again – I wish the Atrix didn’t have MotoBlur. Shit’s weak.

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Barstool Philly, You Call This Creature a Smokeshow?

February 22nd, 2011 10:41pm 2 comments

I knew this was going to happen. I dreaded they day that Barstool Philly would launch.

Is this supposed to be a smokeshow? For real? Who’s in charge of picking these things? Let me rephrase that. I guess that’s the best they can do with submissions from Philly. Wow. What a muppet face. Okay, maybe a brown bag and a Yankee hat would do the trick, but other than that, yeech!

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Reason Number 212132 Why IE is Pathetic

February 21st, 2011 9:22pm 5 comments

WOW. I looked at the source on one of my WordPress error pages and saw this. Is this serious? IE is such a piece of shit that it doesn’t render the page properly unless it is greater than 512 bytes? Jesus! So WordPress actually had to go and add a comment in to increase the page size, just for IE. WOW. I’m speechless.

Look at this Tub of Shit

February 19th, 2011 2:01am No comments

Fucking Joba… Hippo shows up at camp all out of shape from binge drinking every night and doing who the fuck knows in Hickbraska.

Guy was so promising back in 2007. How do you go from being a 21 year old lights out setup man for Mo, the greatest closer of all time, to a complete joke who’s not even guaranteed to make the roster anymore. I mean shit. He was legit ballin. Then he thinks hes hot shit, parties too much, gets DUIs etc and the guy is lousy now.

Awful. I still blame the flies in Cleveland

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