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We Have Better Things to Do than to Fuck Around in Libya

March 29th, 2011 1:11am No comments

See this is why I don’t vote. Because it just doesn’t matter who you vote for. Democrat, Republican – they’re all full of shit. Barack Obama brought about no change. It’s still the same exact United States sticking its same nose in business that doesn’t concern them. I mean Bush was a friggin moron, but I don’t see what Obama is doing differently. Plus, at least it was politically correct to make fun of Bush. Make fun of Obama and you’ve got enemies. I’ll just stop here.

For example:

  • Imposing a no fly zone over a country is an act of war.
  • The US never got Congress’ approval to declare war
  • This attack occurred on the exact same date 8 years ago that the US started bombing Iraq. Hmm. Curious.
  • The United States cannot afford the financial burden of more military action in the Middle East.

It’s not rocket science. This is why everyone in the world hates the United States. UH DUHHHHH. This country has no right to do anything thousands of miles away. We have no right deciding what is right and what is wrong in other countries and just bombing shit. Let the UN and/or people in that area handle it. Fuck that noise. There’s enough shit to worry about here and we’re out to control the world and make them do what we want. Fuck ’em. Let them do whatever the hell they do there in Libya.

So my question is, who the hell is really running this country, because obviously nothing changed. It’s all a big ass joke. Looks like the same shit to me. It’s like Harry Potter or some shit. All these presidents end up like Mad Eye Moody in book 4 – Imperious Curse and locked in a box for 4-8 yeara while an impostor takes a Polyjuice Potion and pretends to be the president but then gets all up in the Middle East’s grill…

PS – @Shavingfoams thinks I don’t know where Libya is. I do, joker.

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If These People Got In My Way At the Supermarket, There’d be Problems

March 27th, 2011 11:45pm No comments


This my friends is a bunch of bullshit. I’m already impatient when old bastards walk too slow or block the aisles, but this is too much.

This is some real life Glee bullshit, and you know how I feel about Glee.

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Told You I Was Right

March 27th, 2011 4:46pm No comments

Remember my pompous ass post a few days ago about how I’m always right? I don’t post these to try and be funny. I post them because I know my shit.

Got these texts when I woke up this morning:

Fucking told you. I’m good.

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Please explain to me how this is possible…

March 26th, 2011 2:09am No comments

I think I just spit in my eye. What. The. F?

So I had some grape juice and then went to go take a shower and for some reason, I had to spit because the grape juice made my mouth weird. So to do this tastefully (because I’m not a damn slob), I go to brush my teeth, lean over a sink, run the water and plan on spitting right down the drain.

Nope. The spit is like a damn bungee cord and slings right back up and into my fucking eye. Who the hell spits in their own eye? I can’t even make this shit up because I’m not that creative. I guarantee you this has not happened to anyone else ever. Like seriously… How is this possible? I’m bent over a sink spitting downward with force and it goes up and lands in my eye. It’s not like I pointed my head up and spit in the air and had it land on my face. JEEZ… Screw you physics, I’m too good for you. I’m going to go around defying your ass.

PS – This is a prime example of why you’re supposed to swallow, ladies.

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I Am So Right 100% of the Time

March 25th, 2011 1:59am No comments

I am so right all the time. Literally, any time you need any advice, come to me because I can look at a situation, cut through all the bullshit and confusion and give a legitimate analysis, opinion and think in the minds of others. You won’t be able to see things because of bias, but I can look right through it all and see things clearly. I know when my company hires shitty people who who aren’t going to last long. I know when they hire shitty people who they’re going to keep. I know when they hire good people. I know when they hire good people who aren’t going to stay. I know when you’re a skank assed ho. I know when people pretend to be your friend but really want to fuck your brains out. I know if your girlfriend or boyfriend is good for you or not/ how long it will last. Whatever you say is wrong. Whatever I say is right.

I can’t wait until these naive mother fuckers who disagree with me so hard right now come back and say “you know what, you were 100% right.” Because I guarantee you I am. As usual. Money’s on it. Then they’ll come crying to me even more

PS – The only thing I can’t help is myself. I’m shitty at looking into my own situations. I’m like Christ. Can’t save myself but I’m a fucking miracle worker for others.


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