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Bridgeport Is Byfar the Worst Shithole That Exists in the USA

March 28th, 2012 10:09pm No comments

At this rate, I think it’s worse than Detroit. Seriously… I’d rather live in fuckin Panem! Who the fuck would ever want to live in Bridgeport? At least live in like Harlem or the South Bronx or Bed Stuy or some crap like that. If you want to get murdered, get murdered NYC style. Not in some burned out has been in the middle of Connecticut. Absolute shithole.

Anyone follow T.C’s twitter? I mean come on. Here are the highlights of living in Bridgeport in the year 2012 folks! Looks awesome!


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Flawless Logic, Revisited

March 24th, 2012 2:05am No comments

So I was chillin with some peeps tonight and I brought up my flawless logic and it caused a massive yelling debate, which was awesome and a half.  If you are not familiar with my flawless logic, read it here, because it’s the absolute shit. Do not read on until you are familiar with my logic…

Anyway… For demo purposes, I will be explaining this from a heterosexual male point of view. So pretty much, say you get the opportunity to hook up with some chick who has a boyfriend and do it. IS this wrong? Surely not! I say you are 99% in the clear and its not your fault. So I mention this to the people I was chilling with and OBVIOUSLY all the women BLEW UP on me, disagreed and were like…. “Bull.Shit. Obviously it’s your fault – if you know someone is in a  relationship, you should respect that.” And they started giving me all this shit. Okay – I can understand if they’re in a relationship with one of your good friends and shit – then I agree – it’s off limits and if you hoo kup with you’re boy’s girl, you’re a fuckign dirtbag. But if it’s some rando dude you don’t give a fuck aboyt, that shit does NOT count. Come on! She’s throwing herself at you. She wants it. You want it. If she was faithful, she wouldn’t cheat. There’s no other logic necessary. These women are all like… Well, it’s like 60% her fault and 30% the guys fault… NO. Way… Like 98% the girls fault for being a skank ass. They were giving me all this shit about karma and shit. I am an avid believer in karma (“if you do that your next GF will cheat on you), but karma does NOT apply to this situation. No way. If I pick a girl who cheats on me, obviously I had some shitty taste – I should pick girls who don’t cheat.

Don’t even try to argue with this shit. It’s not even possible. This is like scientifically proven.


PS – I’m going to ask the gays tomorrow and get their opinion. They’re never wrong.


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Pretty Sure This Onion Article Is Spot On

March 22nd, 2012 10:24pm No comments,2153/

Ah I see what they did there. The satire part of this article is that they’re writing about Boston University’s newspaper. They really meant to write this article on  The Fairfield Mirror. What a damn shame what happened to that…

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US Now Imprisoning People for Internet Crimes Who Haven’t Even Set Foot Here

March 22nd, 2012 10:15pm No comments

Torrentfreak – Richard O’Dwyer, the UK-based ex-administrator of the video linking website TVShack will be extradited to the US to face copyright infringement charges. Despite public outrage Home Secretary Theresa May approved the extradition order today. The 23-year-old student has never visited United States, but now faces several years in a US prison. Last year Richard O’Dwyer was arrested by police for operating TVShack, a website that carried links to copyrighted TV-shows.

Following his detention in the UK’s largest prison, the site owner fought a looming extradition to the US, but without success.  After a UK judge gave the green light to extradite the student two months ago, Home Secretary Theresa May officially approved the request from US authorities today.

Jesus Christ, America…. Want to worry about real problems instead, like overcrowded prisons, useless wars, shitty economies, etc. Not some dude who has NOTHING to do with the United States. Guy didn’t even set foot here and we’re fucking prosecuting him… Let the UK deal with him if they want. This is absolutely sickening that someone who’s never been to the US can be tried for a US crime in a country where they weren’t even caught yet or tried for a crime. For fuck’s sake. You know how much this shit is going to cost idiot america? Lawyers, prison food, shipping him over. Save the damn money and forget it.

F this place. No wonder everyone hates the United States and does bad things to us. Seriously. This dude didn’t mess with anyone.


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Megaupload Is Really Going to Help the Government Get Their Files Back? Fuuuuuuuck Thatttttt!

March 19th, 2012 11:45pm No comments

Giz – When Megaupload fell overnight, one of the biggest complaints was that users were immediately shut out of their document storage. That includes plenty of US Government officials—something Kim Dotcom is helping to rectify. Torrent Freak reports that Megaupload is trying to work out a deal with the Department of Justice to allow users to download their personal files. Interestingly, of the users, there are a large number of Government officials. Speaking to Torrent Freak, Dotcom said: “Guess what – we found a large number of Mega accounts from US Government officials including the Department of Justice and the US Senate. I hope we will soon have permission to give them and the rest of our users access to their files.”

Is this crazy bastard Kim Dotcom out of his mind? No, no, noooooo. If I were the Megaupload peeps, I’d never EVER give any government official their files back. I would not cooperate. They seized my shit? Let them figure out where and how to recover their porn files. Are you shitting me? First, the government raids me and now “oops – we have files there we need – can we just get those?” Abso-fucking-lutely not, assholes. Fuck off.

Suffer like you made everyone else suffer. Thousands of others had legit files there too. Just because a few people had some pirated shit doesn’t mean you shut the whole operation down. See this country is a bunch of bullshit – all this monitoring and seizing and shit. We’re not free anymore…  Give us 200 years and it’s going to legit turn into Panem and the Hunger Games. Mark my words.

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