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March 25th, 2013 1:29am No comments

This country is fucking idiotic…


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I’m Not Embarrassed to Admit This Story Made Me Bawl My Eyes Out

March 20th, 2013 1:29am No comments

So it’s the 10 year (and one day) anniversary of the U.S invading Iraq. The internet has been buzzing with this dude Tomas Young’s story. I didn’t know about any of this. I didn’t know about the documentary Body of War and just watched the trailer now. You can call me a pussy all you want, but I was absolutely bawling by the time this trailer was over. Like… if you don’t at least tear up, you don’t have a soul:


Anywho, this poor dude is on his deathbed. He also wrote a pretty accurate, poignant fuck you letter to Bush and Cheney. I mean shit. If someone wrote this about me, I wouldn’t know what to do.

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PS – Eddie Vedder did some of the music in that documentary and I need him to sing me to sleep.


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Fuck Google And It’s Bitch Ass Reader

March 19th, 2013 3:37am No comments

I’ve previously written articles about Google going to shit. I tried to search and link them, but there were 2-3 (check the related posts).

I see what they’re doing here. They are killing off products that are not generating revenue. They’re trying to focus on one core (piece of shit) product: Google+. Google+ was a good idea if nothing similar existed, but it actually isn’t anything that great. It’s a shame. It’s technical awesomeness with a mediocre, confusing-assed UI that no one uses at all. There is legitimately no point in me using Google+

Anyway, long story short. Fuck you and Google Reader. Want to kill it? I’ll just use feedly. Assholes.

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