Month: March 2013

I’m Not Embarrassed to Admit This Story Made Me Bawl My Eyes Out

Portfolioso March 20, 2013 No Comments Movies/Television, Rants

So it’s the 10 year (and one day) anniversary of the U.S invading Iraq. The internet has been buzzing with this dude Tomas Young’s story. I didn’t know about any of this. I didn’t know about the documentary Body of War and just watched the trailer now. You can call me a pussy all you want, but I was absolutely bawling by the time this trailer was over. Like… if you don’t at least tear up, you don’t have a soul:


Anywho, this poor dude is on his deathbed. He also wrote a pretty accurate, poignant fuck you letter to Bush and Cheney. I mean shit. If someone wrote this about me, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Further Readings:


PS – Eddie Vedder did some of the music in that documentary and I need him to sing me to sleep.


Fuck Google And It’s Bitch Ass Reader

Portfolioso March 19, 2013 No Comments Computer/ Tech Related, Rants

I’ve previously written articles about Google going to shit. I tried to search and link them, but there were 2-3 (check the related posts).

I see what they’re doing here. They are killing off products that are not generating revenue. They’re trying to focus on one core (piece of shit) product: Google+. Google+ was a good idea if nothing similar existed, but it actually isn’t anything that great. It’s a shame. It’s technical awesomeness with a mediocre, confusing-assed UI that no one uses at all. There is legitimately no point in me using Google+

Anyway, long story short. Fuck you and Google Reader. Want to kill it? I’ll just use feedly. Assholes.

Has Brian Cashman Lost His Fucking Mind?

Portfolioso March 11, 2013 No Comments Rants, Sports

This man is 100% outside his mind and I’m more confident in the fucking MTA than the Yankees this season.  This gentleman is absolutely wreckless. What a flop of an offseason. The Yankees are pulling some Mets-ass shit right now. Absolute embarrassment . Cashman is going around skydiving, breaking bones and tweeting at  a bunch of antiques because he can’t even get ahold of their agents. Derick Lee? Chipper Jones? Scot Rolen? These motherfuckers were in their prime in like 1997. Jesus Fucking Christ. I’d rather pull some asshole out of AAA than to pay millions of dollars to these washed up jokers.

I haven’t even been following the Yankees that closely this offseason with the exception that their team is on average 46 years old, Arod is a whiny bitch who should have gotten his contract voided and a Texiera keeps pulling his vagina muscle.

PREDICTION: Yankees will finish with a 77-86 record.

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