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Microsoft Windows Is A F****** Piece of Shit

Wow… Where do I begin?? By The way, I have posted about a Microsoft mishap already (it’s still in my old news section). I was complaining about Windows then and here’s another one.

My mom was typing something for work and I told her to check her email. So when I opened Internet Explorer, bingo… A complete system lockup.

Unfortunately my mom didn’t save her work and I had to rely on Microsoft Word’s autorecover (never rely on Microsoft) which is just as unreliable as the rest of Windows because it didn’t recover much.

Of course I got into a shitload of trouble because it’s all my fault that this happened as I am the one who coded Windows. (Sarcasm, if you didn’t know) But I’ll be forgiven.

Down with Microsoft – that unstable shit. If your computer doesn’t crash within the next minute, go to

Pedro Martinez is a Bum

Pedro Martinez and the entire Red Sox organization can all go f*** themselves. First of all Pedro Martinez has no right to throw at Jeter and Soriano and hit them twice in a row. There’s no friggin way a pitcher that good with that control can possibly hit two people in a row. The fact that he threw it in the same exact location is puzzling also.

Then George Steinbrenner spoke out about how intentional that was and how Pedro should have been warned. I don’t blame the guy. If I owned a team, I wouldn’t want a bum throwing at my all-stars.

Then Pedro responds with:
“Georgie Porgie, he might buy the whole league, but he doesn’t have enough money to buy fear to put in my heart.”

Shut up bum!!! You are the one with some nerve to hit the players then you get pissed at him?

Yankees: Bad Baseball

The Yankees absolutely suck. As a Yankee fan for years, I have always stayed with my team in bad times. I still will – it’s what you do. But it doesn’t mean I can’t complain. Here are the main problems: Jeff Weaver is a druggie (literally – see link and scroll to highlighted terms) that can’t pitch. Steinbrenner should have never traded Lily (a good pitcher) for him. Torre can’t manage anymore and he’s too tired and has been doing this for too long. Stottlemyre doesn’t ever believe in changing pitchers. Steinbrenner makes too many abrupt changes and buying up old bags who stink, rather than getting young talent. He’s now having another heart attack and thinking of firing Rick Down the, asshole hitting coach. Hideki Matsui grounds out too much. Bernie is hurt. Contreras who was bad but got decent, is hurt. And what possessed Steinbrenner to ever get an entire new bullpen which completely sucks? We need Nelson, and Stanton back. Every new person Steinbrenner picked up has no playoff experience and thus the downfall of the Yankees.

The Yankees can go 0 for the rest of the season for all I care. I’d like to know how the hell six different pitchers no hit them?

Please believe me The Yankees are in bad shape.


Edit 2009: Wow I spoke stupidly back then… Could use some better analysis and less rant. Haha..

Annoying Popups

Popups are very annoying, but at least you can close normal ones. But perhaps, the most annoying popup is one that tries to install something on your computer without you really knowing what it is. It has a little “Would you like to install such and such on your computer” Yes or No. (Now don’t get me wrong some of these things are good and necessary. Good computer users carefully monitor which ones to put on and which ones are useless wastes of space.)

Anyway my point… You can’t close them. I didn’t want some swimsuit manager useless shit thingy on my computer and I clicked no. Then it says oops, you forgot to click yes. Um Asshole, I clicked no for a reason and didn’t forget shit. Then when I kept clicking no, this oops thing keeps popping up. How damn annoying. I don’t want your shitty components on my computer, and that’s final.


Microsoft Windows 98 Sucks

If you haven’t realized yet, Windows 98 is one of the worst operating systems ever. Thank God I have Windows XP on my good computer (at least that’s stable). So here’s the story…

My mom was using the laptop to get her email and all of a sudden, it restarts. That was the last time it ever started. So after playing around with settings in safe mode, for hours, it still didn’t work. (Oh and by the way, trying to fix this on top of being banned from the computer also set me back.) So therefore, I had to format the hard drive. I was tempted to install Debian Linux but it needed a boot floppy and the only operating system I have on diskettes is the ancient Windows 95 (Much more stable, but a lot less compatible with today’s new components) So then I had to install Windows 95. I upgraded that to Windows 98 (another hour). Not even ten minutes that it was working, files became corrupted. AND DON’T BLAME ME IT IS NOT MY FAULT. I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING. So I uninstalled Windows 98 and reinstalled it. Corrupted again (after I loaded the wireless network drivers). Piece of crap that Windows.

I will let you know when I have the entire thing working again. But please heed my advice: Stay away from Windows 98.