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Saturday (2) Song(s) of the Week: Crimes of War and Chip Tunes Suxx

July 31st, 2010 11:50am No comments

Double feature this week – KEYGEN MUSIC!!! (you know, the sequenced music that plays in those keygens when you pirate shit on the internet). If that doesn’t ring a bell, it’s music created with several small sound sample files and pitch shifted to get a cool electronic sound. Head over to for an archive of thousands of chiptunes. Amazing. So – the music:


Download here (extract with WinRAR)

And here’s Chip Tunes Suxx:

Or download the actual file here (extract with WinRAR). It’s only 90KB (as opposed to the 1.3MB mp3 that loaded above). And yes, I do rock out to Keygen music

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Why I Love Optimum vs. FiOS Competition (PS – Verizon’s better)

July 30th, 2010 6:10pm No comments

If you don't have FiOS, lets be serious. Your internet just fucking sucks!

That’s what the fuck I’m talking about, bitches. You wish your internet was this fast. I don’t care if Jimmy next door is torrenting his ass off , Jill down the block is downloading gigs of ponies and Marvin is streaming OnDemand all day: my speed stays constant, unlike cable which gets shitty when everyone on the same node is using it.

I just did a speedtest from John’s dedicated server on Optimum Online and it got 5MBPS when they promise you 15. Suckkkkks. 5MBPS was so 2005. Oh and what’s that weak ass upload shit that varies between 1-2MBPS. Awful

I usually say F you to Optimum Online and ramble about how it sucks but actually, I applaud them for their arrogant cutthroat marketing campaign. If they didn’t bash FiOS 24/7, Verizon wouldn’t raise the speed since there would be nothing to compete with. They’re actually bashing something that is technologically superior to their system. So thanks for the competition. Verizon’s like: “Okay, want to compete? We’ll just boost the shit out of everyone’s speed. You can’t do that.

So if you’re in a FiOS area, you’re a dumbass not to get it. You can basically negotiate yourself higher internet speeds, a better TV package and a lower rate.

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Is This Not The Stupidest Bitch In the History of the Internet?

July 30th, 2010 12:16pm No comments

SF Gate – Tara Fitzgerald of Sacramento needed help. The nude photos she had taken for her boyfriend were nowhere to be found on her computer, so she called Dell in December 2008. She was patched through to support tech Riyaz Shaikh, an employee of call service center in India, and gave him permission to search her PC remotely.

“I watched him take the pictures out of my e-mail. I watched him.”

More than a dozen of those pictures ended up on a site called “bitchtara.” Shaikh offered his “help” again, allegedly telling Fitzgerald he could work on taking down the site if she sent him a brand new Dell laptop. Fitzgerald agreed.

Wah wah wahaa! Stop complaining idiot girl. People like this deserve whatever bad happens to them as a result of their blatant stupidity. Let me get this straight… This ignorant bitch can’t find her nude photos, so she calls Dell? Does that make any sense? Let’s have random strangers looking for sensitive files. There’s a file search function in Windows you idiot. Use it.

Then she gets connected to this dude Riyaz who goes through her email and finds the pictures, then downloads them while she’s watching. Is that even allowed? Tech support shouldn’t be in your email, but if you’re too stupid to allow them to, it’s your fault.

If a guy in India can remotely find your files and you can’t, you’re a fucking idiot and should be banned from computers. Of course they’re going to end up on all of these shady websites.

So then you call the dude back and he says he’ll take them down if you send him a brand new laptop? And you actually send it?!?!? Are you serious?!?! You just gave this dude a new laptop and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t give two shits about taking down your photos. Do you not know anything about scams?

Step 1: Don’t allow random Indians to access your computer. Step 2: don’t have nude photos of yourself on there in the first place because you’re ugly and old as fuck.

So I have a very simple solution for you, Tara Fitzgerald. You live in San Francisco, right? The Golden Gate Bridge: jump off of it. Social darwinism: ignoramuses like yourself need to be killed off.

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